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Travelling to Somalia; A Basic Guide Before Travel

If you plan to travel to Somalia, many questions will be in your mind. Right! How would you overcome them?

Of course, if you are here, you want to overcome them and want to know the key factors you must consider before visiting Somalia. And how could you make your trip to Somalia a safe visit?

Don’t worry; we are here with a complete and quick guide of traveling to Somalia so that you could be able to have a wonderful and pleasant journey.

So, without further ado, let’s give it a dive.

Traveling to Somalia:

Whenever you think about Somalia, what comes to your mind?

YEP! Pirates, civil wars, and many Islamic militants, Right! And how can we forget the historical places in Somalia? That could be charming for history lovers.

Your concern is correct; there has been a civil war for two decades but let me tell you one thing: traveling to Somalia is still possible. You can safely visit the self-proclaimed republic of Somaliland with a quasi-independence state.

However, there are some areas that you should definitely avoid but visiting under proper guidance is entirely safe.

Good to know: The problem that Somali people face today resulted from the experience of merging the British and Italian Somaliland. And that was the mess that resulted in a long decade’s war.

a basic travel guide to somalia

Travel Advice Before Traveling to Somalia:

It is mandatory to get some knowledge of that specific place for which you are planning to visit; not only for Somalia, we recommend doing it before traveling anywhere.

Keeping your concerns in mind, we have an advice list for you which will help you to have a wonderful experience here in Somalia.

Let’s give it a straight dive

  • Must check out the latest Covid-19 information.
  • Find out what are the entry requirements to be in Somalia.
  • For a better experience, it would be better to connect with the travel agency.
  • Must check out your passport and travel documents before traveling to Somalia.

If you are keeping these basic instructions in your mind you are not going to have any problem. You can also make your journey remarkable by interacting with the local visitors, but it’s highly recommended to connect with an agency so that you could be able to meet up with any alarming situation.

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What are the Somalia Travel Requirements? 

Following are the basic requirements…

  • Get proof that you are fully vaccinated, then you will not need the covid-19 test.
  • If you are not vaccinated yet, then you have to take a covid-19 test which must be negative.
  • Other than this, of course, a passport and visa before traveling to Somalia is a must.

Remember! The vaccination rules will apply to all the ages under 18.

Good to know: Australian currency or credit cards are not allowed. Also, the ATM will usually be unavailable.

Final Verdict – Traveling to Somalia:

In the end, I must say, your experience of visiting Somalia will be remarkable. Though it is struggling from decades of war, the beauty and the history of Somalia doesn’t stop visitors from traveling to Somalia.

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