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Tourism in Somalia

Though the Tourism in Somalia has faced many problems during this previous decade, But! the tourism department is working hard to improve its tourist experience. And they truly believe soon, Somalia will be ready to welcome world-class tourists to their country.

Though it's still not safe and the previous war of 1990 to 2000 has affected their economy and tourism a lot, many tourists are giving some positive opinions just like Matzenauer…

"It was the most fascinating experience I had,"

said by "Maztzenauer"

undoubtedly, some attractive places in Somalia are grabbing the attention of tourists worldwide, like there are some historical beaches, mountains, and parks that are enough to attract.

So, In this quick guide, we will tell you all about tourism in Somalia, which is good to know. Let's give a straight dive into the topic.

Tourism in Somalia

Yes! There are indeed many parts that can't be visited, but Trust me! Some really wonderful and surprising places are ready to welcome you there.

To summarize the whole of Somalia tourism in just a few lines, all I can say...

  • You will experience rock paintings, romantic solitude, and stunning landscapes that will leave a pleasant impression on your mind
  • Most importantly, the adventure you will experience in Somalia will be the best
  • It's a fact that Somalia doesn't have the best hotels, shopping malls, and departmental stores. Still, tourist agencies are actively participating in the country's prosperity.

Though there are many countries in the world to visit, Somalia will be a good option also; if you are a history lover, you will love every single moment of your stay in Somalia.

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tourism in somalia
Some tourists are visiting Somalia -

Tourism Opportunities in Somalia

As we all know, the tourism sector in Somalia was affected by a decade of war; 1990 was when the tourist operation was completely shut down. But, from 2000, the tourism sector is re-establishing, taking the many visitor's attractions.

Here in Somalia, there are the best tourist opportunities for visitors. Many beaches, waterfalls, and national parks will satisfy every kind of visitor's need.

So, let's find out together which place you can visit here in Somalia. Excited, Right! so let's jump in...

Historical Places in Somalia

Basically, Somalia is famous for its history, and no doubt there are many historical attractions to visit. And if you are a history lover definitely, you will love it.

Well, here is the list of historical places that you can explore.

  • Allula
  • Bargal
  • Bosaso
  • Hafun
  • Lass gaal
  • Zeila
  • Damo
  • Haylaan

Famous Beaches of Somalia

You are probably getting bored by visiting the historical places, Ughhhh! I can understand, don't worry, let's discuss beaches as they are a perfect destination to relax and enjoy your time.

So, Some famous beaches are…

  • Jazeera beach
  • Bosaso
  • Batalaale (barbera)
  • Lido beach (Mogadishu)

During your stay in Somalia, These places are a must because beaches are always intriguing. Right!

National Parks

Yeah! It might seem awkward to you, but if you had not visited parks, you would have missed a huge part of Somali culture.

In short, These 3 parks are really famous, and they are too good to go…

  • Hargeisa national park
  • Kismayo national park
  • Lag badana

Waterfalls and Mountains

How you could miss these, Right! So, here is the list of best waterfalls and national parks that will be a must-explore for you.

  • Mountains – Ogo, Cal, and Madow
  • Waterfalls – Iskushuban and Lamadaya

So, this was the wide range of tourism opportunities in Somalia.

And if it's your first time visiting Somalia and you are looking for some beautiful places to visit must give it a read.

interesting and unique facts about tourism in somalia
Some guests having lunch at a seaside restaurant after swimming

Unique Facts about Somalia

Get ready for some bonus content and information, Are you?

After a lot of negative things about Somalia, you might get confused. Right!

So, let's spread some positivity with unique and interesting facts about Somalia.

  1. Somalia is one of Africa's most culturally homogeneous countries because 85% of its population consists of ethnic sales.
  2. Somalia has the longest Coastline and the Gulf of Aden in Africa.
  3. It is famous for its paintings, and lass Geel cave paintings are the perfect examples of it.
  4. One of the interesting facts is that Somalia has the highest fertility rate in the world. For a woman, take berth to an average of 6 children. Yes, indeed, it's a huge figure.
  5. It is among the world's 10 countries with the youngest life expectancies.
  6. You will love the most that Somali house smells really good because they perfume their house after meals or on every special occasion.

Well, does it 'excite you? Definitely, it will. So, visit our one more interesting guide to Somalia tour packages.

Interesting Facts about Somalia

How it will be if I tell you 2 more interesting facts about Somalia. it will increase your love for Somalia also you will be able to get more information before visiting Somalia.

So, Let's take a look at it…

  • During your visit to Somalia, you will observe that for Somali people, there are families that are really important more than any other individual aspect of life. So, don't be get surprised by this.
  • Also, the Somali people follow traditional culture, especially in rural areas. Most of the time, they dance and sing in their spare time.

Now I'm sure these facts have increased your craze to visit Somalia.

Tourism in Somalia – Final Verdict

To up-wrap this whole conversation, all I can say is one should never miss the opportunity to visit such a remarkable place.

you know what, despite having too much economic crisis and a decade of war, an average of 400 people are visiting Somalia safely. And this proves that these crises are not stopping the visitors from such beautiful sightseeing.

Hopefully, we will see you there, and we assure you, that you will enjoy each and every moment that you will spend here.

Till Next!

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