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Things to Do in Somalia

Somalia's difficult days do not mean he has lost his attraction. There is always much more to explore and things to do in Somalia. And if you genuinely want to explore Somalia, there is no better way to communicate with locals.

Yes, the recent war has affected its reputation a lot. Still, it's not over yet because Somalia is overcoming all its daily problems and crises. The horn of Africa is trying its best to overcome all the previous hard days and will start a new morning of hope.

So, suppose you have searched for it. In that case, you are also interested in visiting Somalia and want to know, here in Somalia, what the best things to do and see are.

So let's explore it together.

Tourism in Somalia:

Before jumping into our main topic, let's elaborate on what tourism is actually in Somalia?

Indeed the recent war has affected Somalia tourism a lot, but it is true that travel agencies are trying their best to make it better.

if the previous decade war has scared you; than must give it a read to our detailed guide of tourism in somalia to get know what somalia actually is.

Things to Do And See in Somalia:

Are you excited? Ok, ok, I know!

Despite a lot of crises, this was not stopping the visitors from seeing the beauty of Somalia.

Trust me; there are such beautiful places that you can't even ignore the beauty of the horn of Africa.

So, let's explore and find out what things to do here in Somalia.

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Discover Somalia with Local Experts:

If you want to explore Somalia, we recommend a must-visit with local experts.

And you know what; there could be no better way to explore Somali culture with the local visitors.

Sahan tourism is the best and most well-experienced agency in Somalia, working since 2013.

Must-Visit Beaches in Somalia:

If you do not visit beaches, you miss a huge part of Somali beauty, especially if you are a beach lover.

Somali beaches are famous for their white sand and beautiful serene view. These beaches are so exquisite that this would be the best thing to do in Somalia.

For your ease, we have created a list of the top 5 and best beaches, which are a must-see and visit.


  • Jazeera beach
  • Bosaso beach
  • Lido Beach
  • Adale beach
  • Batlaale beach

Must give it a read to the best beach in Somalia; we had also included images of all these beaches, so must give it a read.

must visit mogadishu in somalia
Some visitors are enjoying Somalia

Explore Mogadishu:

If we are talking about the best things to do in Somalia, how can we forget about Mogadishu.

Mogadishu is the best thing to explore and see in Somalia. You can't even ignore the beauty of Somalia. Also, Mogadishu is contributing a massive part to attracting visitors.

Most visitors consider Mogadishu as the best place to entertain visitors. If you are missing this beautiful place, you are missing a substantial Somali culture and beauty.

Russian tourists at the old city in Mogadishu somalia

Las Geel:

Yes, las Geel how we can forget it. Las Geel is famous for its interconnected caves and shelters.

You know what? Las Geel deserves to be on the list of UNESCO world heritage sites, but unfortunately, it's not. Maybe it's because of a recent decade of war.  

But! Don't worry if I'm saying it is the best heritage site, I mean it and you must consider it in the list of best things to do in Somalia.

Monument of two unknown Soldiers:

This is a historical monument, as the name suggests. And if we have included it in the list, there must be a historical value.

Let me tell you;

This monument was built 60 years ago to remember two soldiers who died to defend their beloved Somali republic. This monument is a must-visit because it captures the Somali tragedy they have faced in the recent years of war.

So, if you are a history lover, add this place to the list of things to do in Somalia.

Monument of two unknown soldiers
two tourists visiting the monument of two unknown soldiers

Bakara Market:

Yes, the Bakara market exists on our list at number three because this is the busiest and the best market in Somalia.

If you want to do some shopping for your family and loved ones, go to this market, and you will find everything here. You can also trade a variety of daily life things.

The Bakara market is so vast and fascinating that you can get lost here. So, how can you miss this exploring opportunity?

The Fish Markets:

Yes, Yes, the fish markets. This could be the best thing to do in Somalia.

This could be the best place that you have added to the list because, as far as you can see, you will find hang fish.

You can freely take beautiful pictures with the Somali fish sellers. It's allowed, and you know what, hundreds of Somali people visit and buy fish from these fish markets.

Don't miss this opportunity.

Jesse an American tourist with a fisherman in FISH MARKET

Mosque of Islamic Solidarity:

This place has some Islamic importance for visitors.

It was built in 1976, and the unique thing about this mosque is that 10k people can worship together.

Sounds interesting, Right! So, just add it to the list of things to do in Somalia.

Must visit National parks:

Well, this could be the best thing to do in Somalia, no matter your age. Parks are not like usual because they are rich in history.

These parks are enough to satisfy visitors' hunger, and Kismayo Park is the best place to visit. And I genuinely assure you that you can hold your breath for five minutes.

Sounds fair enough, Right! 

Foreign tourists at peace park Mogadishu

Final verdict – Things to Do in Somalia:

No doubt, there are plenty of visitors and places to attract the visitors, and we have tried our best to increase the value of your things to do and see a list.

Now to wrap up our discussion, all I can say is…

  • If you are a history lover, many historic places await you.
  • Several beaches are the best destination to visit.
  • Coastlines could be the best point to enjoy.
  • You can never ignore the rich and varied cuisine here.

Hope we have covered up all your ambiguities. You can ask if there is still left unanswered in the comment section; we would love to discuss.

Till Next!

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