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Somalia Tour Packages

Are you excited to visit Somalia? And want to know the most affordable Somalia tour packages. Congrats, you are at the right place.

No doubt Somalia is a land of beautiful places. You will definitely enjoy your journey here with our outclass and brilliant services.

We truly welcome you here and without beating about the bush, let's discuss the exciting tour packages that Sahan tourism offers you.

Somalia Tour Packages

Are you visiting Somalia for the first time? If yes!

That's great. We have a list of the top 10 places to visit in Somalia. Must read out for detailed guidelines and facts about those places.

We will discuss here:

  • Mogadishu tour package
  • Somaliland tour package
  • Puntland tour package
  • Baido tour package
  • Basaso tour package
  • Kismayo tour packages

You must be excited to know what you will do here? How many days and nights stay we offer? So for this, all you need to do is just keep reading.

Our Services – Somalia tour Packages:

Before discussing each tour package, let's take a look at our services, and for your ease, here is the short info of what is included in our favor.

  • Accommodation
  • Ground transport
  • Permissions
  • Site entrance fees
  • Escort (Armed security)
  • Tax
  • VAT

1-Mogadishu Tour package:

We offer 4-day and 3-night trips. Is that exciting and you won't know what you will do these days? Which places will you visit? Which service will we provide?

So for that, all you need to do is just visit this Mogadishu tour package page because there is much more to read about our service.

The Best Places to Visit in Mogadishu

  • Black Hawk Down Crash Site
  • Ruins of Mogadishu city Cathedral
  • Mogadishu Lighthouse
  • Mogadishu Peace Park
  • Jaziira Beach
  • Mogadishu Fish Market.
  • Monument of unknown soldier
  • Union Mosque
  • The old harbor

There is always much more to explore here in Mogadishu under our guidance.

Mogadishu tour package
An image of Jazeera beach outside Mogadishu

2-Somaliland Tour Package:

We offer a 9 Days & 8 Nights Itinerary Program. For a detailed guideline of our services must read and visit our page Somaliland tour packages.

The Best Places to Visit in Somaliland

  • Borama

You will truly enjoy the beauty of Somaliland with our services.

3-Puntland Tour Package:

We offer 3 days and 2-night trips, and in this package, you will get everything with pickup and refreshment service.

The Best Places to Visit in Puntland

  • Biyo Kulule
  • EYL

For detailed knowledge, read our Itinerary Description.

Somaliland tour package
Bosaso beach View

4-Baidoa Tour Package:

Yep! Undoubtedly Biadoa city is the best sightseeing in Somalia, and you should never miss a chance to visit such a great place.

We offer 2 days and 1-night trips and for the knowledge of our services must visit our page.

The Best Places to Visit in Baidoa

  • Baidoa waterfall
  • Local markets and Bazaars to experience the local
  • Baidoa farms 
  • A Former Italian Cathetarol, which is now a mosque
  • Live stock market
  • Baidoa city park

I'm sure it excites you after reading the names of these beautiful places. Does it?

5-Kismaayo Tour Package:

When we talk about the Somalia tour packages, how can we forget about the Kismayo? Let's have a detailed knowledge of the kismaayo visit package.

We offer 3 days, and 2-night trips.

The Best Places to Visit in Kismaayo

  • Alanle beach
  • Old Kismayo National Park
  • Kismayo Port
  • Kismayo Stadium
  • Foods and restaurants in this place

Want to know what you will do these days and which service we will provide, Right! so just visit our page for a kismayoo tour package.

Itinerary Description – Somalia Tour Packages

Yes, I know! I know! You are excited to see what you will do and our itinerary description, so let's break the ice and take a brief look at our itinerary description of Somalia tour packages.

  • We will assist you in getting a visa on arrival.
  • Then we will pick you up from the airport to the hotel for accommodation.
  • So, after the cordial welcome and exceptional refreshment, you will get a quick brief about the city tour.
  • We will start sightseeing in beautiful Somalia depending on the day's duration. We will visit different historical places, beaches and much more.
  • But there will be no sightseeing on the last day of the visit. We will escort you to the plane after having breakfast.

As we have discussed each place's duration and visit plan, and if you want to know more about it, take a look at our tour package page.

somalia tour packages
Some visitors are enjoying Somalia's beauty

To Up-Wrap the Somalia Tour Packages:

Somalia is a historical and beautiful place, and for a perfect tour sight, you must consult a tourism agency so that you can enjoy each and every moment while staying in Somalia.

If you have any unanswered queries, concerns, or anything else, just write them down in the comment section. We would love to answer here.

Till next!

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