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Places to Visit In Baidoa | Things to Do and List of Attractive Places

Undoubtedly, Baidoa is the largest city in Somalia between 2002 and 2014. It was also the capital of this southwestern state. Exploring beautiful places to visit in Baidoa is a charm that would leave a pleasant impression on your mind with excessive memories.

So, buckle up your sleeves and read this quick guideline for the Somali state of Baidoa.

Good to know: its population is around 129.839, and the time zone of this region is Africa.

History of Baidoa:

As we all know, Somalia has a great history. If you are a history enthusiast and would love to explore new places around history, this could be a perfect destination. Just like the rest of Somalia is full of history, Baidoa also has some historical background.

So, Baidoa also suffered many obligations under the British and Italians. But by the end of 19 century, the world also witnessed that on the 26th of June, Baidoa became independent.

Baidoa became independent in their culture, religion, economy, and tourism. Despite suffering from many crises, Baidoa is actively participating in the betterment of its country.

Places to visit in Baidoa:

Let’s find out which places you can visit in Baidoa and what you must explore.

So, without beating about the bush, let’s get into it and stick to the end, as the answer to your concerns is right there.

When to travel to Baidoa?

The first comes when you need to travel to Baidoa; the season also matters. How much temperature would they have, and what would be the ultimate time you should be there?

 To quickly answer this concern, we must say Baidoa has a typical temperature of around 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. And based on these, we can say that you should visit Baidoa between May mid, October, or November – based on the hot weather activities.  

Disclaimer: This is not a final checkout; you must also check the weather conditions before making any plans.

Accommodation Facility at Baidoa?

Your next concern might be where you would stay while visiting Baidoa. Right!

Yeah, there are not that many facilities in Baidoa, and you have to go to Mogadishu for upgraded hotels and accommodations. Mogadishu, the capital of Baidoa, contributes a lot to the development of the tourism sector also.

It’s a little bit far away, and you might have to take a taxi because buses won’t be helpful. But the plus point is you will not only have accommodation in Mogadishu, but also various shops and markets are available here.

So, traveling to Mogadishu would be worth it because you can only buy some gifts for your loved ones.

Note: If you want to save yourself from all this hassle, look at our Somalia tour packages guide.

Places everyone must visit in Baidoa:

So, here is a quick checklist of all those places which every one of you should visit on priority bases.

  • City park of Baidoa
  • Waterfalls of Baidoa
  • Baidoa green farms
  • The former catholic church, which is now a mosque

With that lot’s of villages are there that are a must go for all those who want to see nature. Besides this, Baidoa has shops of lots of traditional clothes that are an absolute pleasure.

So, if you plan to go out from there without visiting these places, you will regret it. So, before living in Baidoa, think of these places twice.

Cities near Somalia:

When you visit Baidoa, you also have a chance to visit all these places as they are just a few Kilometers away. So, if you are visiting Baidoa, don’t forget to visit all these places.

  • Mogadishu – 224KMM
  • Kismayo - 407KM
  • Hergeisa – 718KM
  • Barbera – 828

And for this, all you need to do is fly to any major airport and search for a flight. Here is another solution where you don’t have to roam around for help and guidance. Just come and join us to enjoy a full luxury trip with us.

Final Thoughts for Places to Visit in Baidoa:

So, to quickly wrap up the whole discussion, all we can say is the remarkable landscape with an amazing history; Somalia is waiting for you.

Grab our 3 days Baidoa tour packages and find the best of your visit.

Must read our detailed basic guide for travelling to Somalia.

Till Next!

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