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10 best places to visit in Somalia

If you are looking for the best places to visit in Somalia you are the traveler we want. Most of us have heard that Somalia is a country in trouble with many economic problems and crises. Right! And nobody can even imagine visiting Somalia. But the reality is different. There are lots of beautiful places in Somalia that are good to go.

Yeah! there are several crises and problems but they are not stopping the tourists who come and enjoy Somalia's natural and historical beauty.

You might have planned to visit Somalia, and now you want to know which places you should visit. That's why you have searched for it. Welcome! There is much more to explore in Somalia, and we will discuss here the top 10 Somalia beautiful places.

The Truth | Somalia - land of Beautiful Places

Before we jump in, let me tell you that Somalia is a beautiful tourist destination with lots of historical background. It will be a perfect destination if you are a history lover.

Despite having many crises with impossible conditions, Somalia is trying to come out of it, and I'm sure it will!  

The reality check of Somalia is totally different from what you listened to. According to Paul O'Brien;

"I've traveled around the world but Somalia is one of the most beautiful places I've seen,"

says Paul O'Brien.

"I've never seen a sea that is so deep blue in color. The beaches go on forever and are completely empty. That's the real tragedy of the place. It has so much potential yet there is no industry and they produce absolutely nothing."

"Paul O'Brien"

So what does it mean "it means you should visit Somalia freely. You will definitely love it" So let's find out about Somalia's beautiful places together.

Somalia's Beautiful Places

Several African states are wonderful destinations to travel to for their unique and unspoiled natural beauty, and Somalia is one of them.

Somalia is an important African country that occupies unique ties with African culture, music and adventurous lovers. There are several places that you will love to visit, and these places will make your tour journey remarkable.

10 best places to visit in Somalia

Here is the list of Somalia's beautiful places:

  • Barbera
  • Hargeisa
  • Mogadishu
  • Sa'ad Din Island
  • Xaafuun
  • Zeila
  • Lido Beach
  • Bosaso
  • Kismayo National Park
  • Garowe

Wait! We will discuss each of them briefly with some amazing facts.

So let's jump into the topic.

Somalia beautiful places
Jene an american tourist in the old harbour


The coastal City of Barbera is located along the Indian Ocean. What makes this city special is its exceptional historical and geographical location.

Barbera has been visited by many merchants who gave some valuable additions to the Somalian culture. Like many merchants who came to visit and introduced some special Spices, Musical Instruments, Books, etc.

All Thanks to……..

  • the Gorgeous Desserts like Backcountry
  • Sun-kissed beaches and one of them is Bataille
  • Blue-green sees and
  • Houses built with an ancient dead brick

And I assure you that wandering around these beautiful places will make your journey in Somalia remarkable.

Fact about Barbera……

  • Barbera has the world's best coral reefs that are too good to enjoy scuba diving, Fishing and suffering.
  • If you are getting bored after watching lots of historical places in Somalia, then you must visit Barbera as the beauty of Barbera will provide relaxation to your mind.
  • Barbera has been a trade center due to its geographical location.

After reading all these facts, I'm sure you must be curious about visiting this beautiful place in Somalia.


So the next beautiful Somalia place on our list is the City of Hargeisa.

Yes yes! Anyone can tell you that Hargeisa is not a part of Somalia, and Hargeisa is a self-proclaimed capital and the most prominent city of Somaliland.

We will discuss this later in another post, but the point is Hargeisa suffered a lot during the war, but it is improving daily.

All Thanks to………

  • The history of Hargeisa

If you love to explore Historical places, then Hargeisa is the most interactive attraction to visit for you.

Fact about Hargeisa…….

  • Hargeisa is hardly developed
  • A blessing for history lovers
  • Hargeisa leaves the visitors with the history

This beautiful place in the list of Somalia's beautiful places will excite those who have always been curious to know the history.


Mogadishu is the largest capital city of Somalia. It has an exceptional mosque and tombs with an amazing Islamic structure.

Though this city has suffered a lot during the political roughness, it always remains on the top of Somalia's beautiful places. The beauty of Mogadishu keeps the visitors still falling in love with this place.

places to visit in somalia mogadishu
Russian tourists at the old city in Mogadishu somalia

All thanks to………

  • Mogadishu cathedral – A tourist attrition with many architectures, ornaments and interior walls.
  • National Museum of Somalia – Mogadishu holds the national museum of Somalia that holds the traditional artwork. A trip to this museum will provide insight into the whole country, not only the specific regions.
  • Shanghai old city – this is a most popular landmark which is known for its unique Chinese architecture.
  • Lots of beaches that will be great to see.

Perhaps Mogadishu is the most beautiful place in Somalia. Maybe this city is not entangled in the power struggle.

Fact about Mogadishu…….

  • You can take fascinating photos during religious rituals
  • People wearing traditional dresses will be a great sight, especially at the cathedral.

If you have not visited this beautiful place of Somalia, you definitely have missed a huge part of the beauty and history of Somalia.

I'm pretty sure this excites you to visit Somalia. So, read out affordable Mogadishu tour packages.

Sa'ad Din Island

Sa'ad Din Island is the most picturesque place, and one short trip to this beautiful Somalia place will serve your memory for a lifetime. What makes this city special? Let me share some details.

All thanks to……..

  • The Thick green forests 
  • And when you first see these trees, it will seem to you as if they are directly rising from the sea.

Fact about Sa'ad Din Island……

  • It has the unique feature of flora and fauna, which astonishes visitors.

If you want to see an Island with a bunch of natural beauty in Somalia, then write down this Somalia beautiful place on the list right now.

sa'ad din island somalia most beautiful places
Some guests having lunch at sea side restaurant after swimming


There are lots of beaches, but what makes these beaches different? There is white sand which increases the beauty of this place.

All thanks to…….

  • The Xaafuun hotels offer canon trips to locals and visitors.
  • The Sunset view is decorated with the ocean shore, which enhances the beauty of this beautiful Somalia place.

Fact about Xaafuun…….

  • People are still fond of Fishing. In fact, Fishing is their living
  • Most of the local people sell fish and spices to make a living.

You must visit this place if you are a beach lover and want to see another beautiful beach. It will be a great destination to visit and a great endeavor in your sight.


As you read this, you come to know that Somalia is a great historical destination but let me tell you one more interesting thing. Somalia is home to various sites, and their belonging to ancient history makes them special.

All thanks to……….

  • Waves and floods are eroding the castle walls. Also, the dry climate is creating serious erosion in ancient architecture.

Fact about Zeila……..

  • It is the most famous place in the list of Somalia's beautiful places, attracting thousands of people.

You must visit this place. You will definitely love it, and who knows, you can probably get the most-liked Instagram photo.

Lido Beach

Lido Beach was developed in the 1930s, and the best thing about this beach is that it has thousands of local and foreign visitors.

All thanks to…….

  • The world-class resorts and plates of seafood will be enough to increase your love for Somalia
  • Clear water with white sand will make your relaxing time more memorable.
  • Skyline and the deep blue ocean are why people stay and watch them.

If you want to see a new Somalia, then you must visit and take a fresh picture of this beautiful place to show your people around.

Somalia Beautiful Places
Boat ride and swim in lido beach.

Fact about Lido Beach……..

  • It has the longest coastline in Africa, which is approximately 3100KM.
  • This coastline is located along the Indian ocean.


No doubt, Bosaso has a separate medieval history. Also, it is a glorious port city dating back to the medieval era. 

All thanks to……

  • The ships standing near the harbor will generate an amazing scenic view.
  • The modern urban architectural work of the Bosaso, mixed with the ancient houses and streets, makes these sights remarkable.
  • And then some sandy beaches line the shore of the east and west town.

Local ostrich forms and the urged peaks of the Cal Madow are making the Bosoaso a place where there is plenty to do tasks.

Fact about Bosaso…….

  • This is the third-largest City after Mogadishu and Hargeisa.

A bunch of to-do tasks are waiting for you in Bosaso. So, let's take a look to Bosaso tour packages.

Kismayo National Park

As Somalia is rich in natural beauty and history, there are also many parks, including the Kismayo national park. This park is the home of many animals.

All thanks to……..

  • The many outdoor opportunities.
  • And the wildlife safari tours.
  • With plenty of opportunities to observe the African games.

Fact about Kismayo Park…….

  • This park is enough to satisfy the hunger of tourists.
  • You can't leave Africa without visiting game reserves.

I assure you that roaming around the Kismayo National Park will make you hold your breath for a few minutes. Don't forget to visit Kismayo the paradise of Somalia with an affordable package.


So, when we talk about the Garoowe, it means we are talking about a place in Somalia that is developing fast. New libraries, NGOs, offices and many hospitals have been built recently.

All thanks to…..

  • The historical background
  • And the people who are looking forward to a bright future.

Fact about Garoowe…..

  • Garowe was one of the urban centers that were formed by the majaeerteen.
  • This was before coming under the control of Italian Somalia.

Groove is considered the tip of the African land, and if you want to go back without visiting this, you are missing out on a huge part of Somalia's culture and a big portion of Somalia's beautiful places.

To Up-Wrap | Somalia's Beautiful Places

In the end, to up-wrap the whole discussion of Somalia's beautiful places, we must say Somalia is a land with mixed culture and history that is always willing to welcome its visitors.

Well, The major civil war was started in the early 90s that severely hurts the tourism but now Somalia is improving.

Of course! You can safely visit Somalia, and for this, Mogadishu is providing valuable services to the visitors with outclass lodging arrangements. 

So, what is stopping you to visit Somalia? sahantourisim will love to welcome you here with their outclass services.

Wishing you a great journey and have a safe travel ahead.

If you want to join us for visiting the best places to visit in Somalia, contact us here

Till Next!

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