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Beaches in Somalia – Top 5 And the Best Ones

For sure! If you are reading this, it means you have decided to visit Somalia. Right! Keeping that in mind, we have got a list of the best beaches in Somalia that are too good to go, and you will enjoy each moment spent here.

No matter whether you are curious to learn about Somalia or your motive could be to understand how fascinating and beautiful this nation is.

To get rid of this curiosity that is in your mind, all you need to do is to keep reading.

So, let’s get started.

Why Should You Visit Beaches in Somalia?

These beaches are so fascinating and serene that you would never want to miss this opportunity to watch these beautiful views.

This might seem confusing to you, Right! So let me tell you why you should visit the Beaches in Somalia. Ready! Let’s get started.

  • As these beaches are serene and romantic, you will love to spend your time here.
  • These beaches are best to travel to because they are rich in culture.
  • Many visitors have witnessed these beautiful beaches are a perfectly delightful treat to watch.
  • The best sunrise and sunset views make these beaches exotic.

Trust me! If you plan or arrange a visit to Somalia, you must consider these shorelines; you will never regret it.

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Best beaches in Somalia:

There are undoubtedly several beaches in Somalia, and you should never miss a chance to explore such a serene and exquisite view.

But wait! Before considering the list, let me tell you what makes these beaches unique.

  • Sky blue lines
  • Palm trees
  • White sand and coves
  • Blue lagoons
  • And a romantic view

Suppose you are a beach or blue lagoons lover and want to spend some time here, welcome! Here is the list for you, as many visitors who visit Somalia love these beaches, and we are pretty sure you will love this list too.

So without further ado, let’s discuss the top 5 and best beaches in Somalia.

Lido Beach: 

Lido beach is located in Mogadishu, which is well known as the

  • Most popular and well-developed beach
  • with an excellent infrastructure
  • The restaurants and kinds of seafood of Lido beach are famous.

Another thing that makes this beach unique is its night view and deep blue ocean; most of the time, people stay there for nights to enjoy these views.

Lido beach in Somalia
The beautiful lido beach in the horn of Africa

Jazeera Beach:

The Lido beach is located in Mogadishu, but this Jazeera beach is located outside Mogadishu, not just a few kilometers away.

People worldwide love to visit because Jazeera beach is well known as the

  • Animal market – many people sell goats, cows, camels, and goats there.
  • This beach offers pristine white sand
  • And a bright blue sea

You know what, this beach never gets overcrowded, which makes it unique, meditating, and relaxing.

Jazeera beach in somalia
An image of Lido beach showing the real beauty of Somalia

Bosaso Beach:

As you already know, Bosaso is the fastest-growing city. It acts as a visitor’s hub for those who come to visit and explore Somali culture.

You might wonder what makes this beach unique so let me tell you that Somalia is well known for its

  • Best hotels all around Somalia
  • Its tea is famous.

Fact: here in Somalia, Tea is commonly called Bosaso.

So, if you want to rediscover Somalia, you must visit this beach. Yeah! I know I had used the word rediscover because a decade of war has affected Somalia tourism a lot.

the Bosaso beach
An image of the fastest-growing land Boasaso

Adale Beach:

As you continue reading, you will learn that Somalia is the home of most beaches in the world.

So, here in this list of best beaches in Somalia, Adale beach stands at the number four, located in southern Somalia, and is an ultimately important travel destination among families.

Want to know for which Adale beach is known? So let me tell you that Adale beach is famous for its

  • Quiet beaches
  • Exquisite view
  • Sunrise view
  • A fantastic destination to take a fresh breath

One more thing is the profession of this beach, but it is also well known for it. And that is fishing and trading towns. Most of the time, you will find anglers and locals fishing.

Batlaale Beach:

Batlaale beach is located in barbera which is quiet for the whole week except on Sundays.

Seems interesting, Right! But it does not end here. There is something more to tell you about what batlaale beach is famous for.

  • It is safe to swim.
  • This beach has a tendency to get busy after midday.
  • If you are an introvert and love to walk along, this beach is for you, and you will love to view the unforgettable views.

But! You know there are just a few restaurants and accommodation facilities, which is not good. Still, the beauty of this place has overcome all kinds of flaws.

To up-wrap – Best Somalia Beautiful Beaches:

We have told you the top 5 and best beaches you must visit and consider in your tour plan. With these beaches, there is always much more to explore and do tasks.

One thing which I had not discussed here is the dolphin. Yeah! Dolphins; there are lots of dolphins here in Somalia, especially in Mogadishu, so if you love to see dolphins, you must visit Mogadishu.

We will genuinely welcome you here in Somalia, and you can visit our guide for Somalia tour packages.

Till Next!

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